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    Dishwasher design that reveals ASKO’s inner values

    More steel, less plastic 

    Our dishwashers pay respect to classic Scandinavian design principles of form and function: created to be useful, but also showcasing elegant, sleek and sophisticated design. They're also made to perform sustainably and quietly: without making too much of an impact on either the environment, or the ambience of your home.

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    New ASKO dishwashers available

      Panel Ready Dishwashers

      For an appliance that blends seamlessly into your kitchen’s décor, you need an ASKO panel ready dishwasher. These appliances hide neatly beneath your countertop and behind your cabinetry, merging effortlessly into your kitchen.

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      TouchProof Stainless Steel

      If you want a dishwasher you can install into the available space in your kitchen, a TouchProof Stainless Steel dishwasher is likely your best option. These appliances give you excellent access to the controls without interrupting the aesthetic of your kitchen. They also look fantastic thanks to our hallmark Scandinavian style.

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      Outdoor Dishwashers

      With a free positioning dishwasher you will have the option to place your appliance where you want it in your kitchen. In addition, its top becomes a comfortable additional work plan, so you'll have more room to use for every need.

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      Designed for different situations

      We have created different modes to make it easy for you to adapt your favorite dishwashing program to new situations. Instead of choosing from a long list of programs and then a long list of different options and settings, you can now simply choose one appropriate mode and press start.

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      Explore the features of dishwashers

      Our XXL dishwashers can wash as many as 18 place settings with perfect cleaning and drying results, with a most efficient ENERGY STAR rating. That’s why it is now an undisputed fact that you can put more in an ASKO than in any other dishwasher in the world. Read about the other features you can find in ASKO dishwashers.

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