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High-quality dryers by ASKO

Laundry care starts with the right program

ASKO dryers with sensor system will dry your clothes in the shortest amount of time and with the lowest energy consumption. Our dryers are easy to use and have great capacity. Have a closer look and find out what our dryers can do for you.

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Make logical choices

For the Logic models we focused on a minimalistic appearance with sleek lines and a balanced color scheme between the front plate, panel and display. Harmony is key here and the Logic models are suited to all types of settings where appearance is important. This is the logical choice for anyone and caters to the need for both design and function.

LOGIC - Tumble dryers

A timeless classic

Our Classic models have a programme for every living situation and with the two run modes, you can quickly adjust the programmes to make them either more environmentally friendly or wash more intensively. The interface is easy to understand and straightforward to use with a selection knob for programme selection and buttons for each option. The front plate, panel and controls have the same timeless, discreet and elegant white design that will last forever.

CLASSIC - Tumble dryers

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From years of gathering insights and experience we have created a new generation of good-looking, user-friendly, innovative and long-lasting tumble dryers.

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Heat pump dryers

Heat pump dryers are closed systems in which the process air constantly circulates inside the tumble dryer, making it possible to install them in confined spaces. Our heat pump dryers are easy to install and can be installed with lower level of ventilation. Heat pump dryers are not affected by warm or humid climate, unlike ordinary tumble dryers. Heat pump dryers have a low electricity consumption – more than 50 % lower than condenser and vented dryers.

Condenser dryers

Condenser dryer have two parallel airflows. Internal airflow where air is warmed up when passing through a heater. The air runs through the drum, transporting moist air out of the drum. Moist is collected as water drops in the condenser an is evacuated either via drain hose or gathered in water tank.


Vented dryer takes in external air that is ten times heated. The air runs through the drum and the wet laundry and then the humid air is blown out of the machine through the evacuation channel. This process is repeated until the laundry is dry.

Laundry care starts with the right program

Other manufacturers offer a few programmes that you as a consumer must adapt to suit different fabrics, materials and situations. We have a completely different philosophy and want you to spend as little time as possible in the laundry room. This is why we have created a large number of programmes that reflect different types of clothes, fabrics and situations. Choose the simple and safe way to dry your clothes. Below we present some examples.

ASKO dryers have programs for all types of clothes

Eliminating your biggest troubles

In the work to develop our latest dryers we met many users. These meetings became small narratives with different views, ideas and wishes. We learned a lot and started developing a new generation with a great many improvements and solutions. Here we have collected some of our features.

ASKO tumble dryers with many features